Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tessa Lucille is here!

Finally she is here! She is doing quite well....8lb13oz born officially at 39weeks 1 day (same as Maya but Maya came at her own pace, Tessa's was a planned C-section). Shanna was very nervous going into this and did not get much sleep. We had to be at the hospital at 6:30am but they didn't get around to taking her to the operating room until 9:15. I watched reflections nervously through a few
windows. What was taking so long? Shanna has a lot of scar tissue from her previous sections. It is distressing to have your child sliced and diced. Finally at 9:52  I heard a cry. Not long after, Tessa was carried to the examination table in my view. She looked bigger than she turned out to be. It was obvious that she was  healthy which we are so thankful for. She is quite cute with 1 inch straight black hair and chubby cheeks.She is nursing well already. Shanna was very groggy and tired. Fortunately she didn't seem to be in so much pain as she was in with Daniel's birth.
It was a beautiful spring day here with record highs.  She has a room overlooking the Charles River and the Boston skyline. When the boys came later with Steve, Daniel enjoyed watching the various skulls zipping on the river.
A happy day but I am so tired.
Shanna outside the elevator before  going to Labor and delivery

Ramy registering by phone 

Before the delivery room.  Looked like a cone head

The view I had

Early on
in delivery room

should have combed the hair..first time I saw her. She was 15 minutes old.

View from her window

Exhausted Daniel



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Congratulations Granny!! She is simply beautiful!


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