Friday, March 16, 2012

Tornado aftermath

From NOAA Josh's house is about 0.2 mile from the lowest red spot. 

Also from NOAA. What the tornado looked like 5 miles north of town
While trying to out run the tornado(which he agrees wasn't wise), Josh got a call from his friend who also has a house in Dexter who wanted to know what was going on. It turns out his house was spared too but the house next to his lost its roof. His yard is covered with debris from those not so lucky. Josh is helping him clean up today. Dexter is such a small village but still managed to get hit in at least 4 different areas. It made the national news. Storms are not new to Michigan but never has there been a storm so early. Global warming? The unusually warm air (80 deg) clashed with a cold front. At one point, the hail was so thick, all he could see on the ground were ping pong sized hail balls. He scooped some of them up in a baggy to store in his freezer.The village is full of reporters, insurance adjusters, repair people, etc.Helicopters fly overhead. His friend and he walked around town to survey the damage. They visited his best friend's father's business, a place that Josh worked at a couple of summers.The dad did what Josh did when he saw the swirling black clouds: he took off to the clear sky in the south but he had no cellar to hide in. The business lost a fence and some shingles, little compared to the flattened buildings surrounding him. The trees in town are full of snagged insulation looking like pink cotton candy. Surreal. Some of the trees have sheet metal wrapped around their trunk. Julia's boss had her home totally flattened while she hovered in the basement with 3 kids. Very scary. Josh will send me their pictures.   Back in Ann Arbor, there was such severe flooding that people had to be rescued from their cars. Fortunately for us, this happened on the south side and we live on the north side.

But we aren't even there. No unseasonably warm weather has been in the thirties in the morning for the past three days.  Good for running though. I ran to Lexington and back the other day. Today I was running on several paths in Cambridge and Somerville. I came across Davis Square full of interesting restaurants. Tufts University is near it. We went back there by car to have a nice lunch at yet another crepe place.

No baby despite more contractions. Steve is going to NYC tomorrow. Baby hopefully will stay put while he is gone.

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