Monday, March 19, 2012

The Color of the Train

To the  the  boys, especially Daniel, the color of the train is more important than the destination. His stories go like this: We took the blue train then the purple train then the orange train....
He loves pointing out the trains (Boston's subways are mostly not underground except in the Hub) when we drive by them.
Yesterday it was warm finally after 4 days of damp, gray cold. I ran along the Mystic Lakes to Winchester.A very pretty run and hardly any cars though lots of bikes out. So many communities border Arlington: Medford, Somerville, Cambridge, Belmont, Lexington,and Winchester, .I've run to and through all of them  in the past 2 weeks. These streets were platted out in the early 1630s going every which way. They do not have unique names: there is a Mystic Street and a Mystic Pkway (Shanna lived at its intersection before). Off the Concord Pike, there are two Pleasant Street exits within a few miles and no they are not the same street. There are no numbered streets like 1st Ave or the alphabet streets as Steve visited yesterday in Brooklyn. My sense of direction becomes addled trying to use main streets as signposts. I swear I was running due north on the Somerville Linear Path until I ended up at the Davis T..then I knew I was just running due east on top of the Red Train (which is underground at that point).
So the boys took a series of trains yesterday much to their delight, with their father. In between trains, they went to various playgrounds. Shana and I walked to the city center to eat at a very cute Lebanese/El Salvador cafe. She is still pregnant and enjoying it less with heartburn, back pains, lack of sleep etc. All of this ends in 48 hours and 45 minutes unless by some miracle she goes int labor. When the boys came back, I sat on the back step watching them cavort while doing my silly puzzles.
I cooked up some artichokes...YUM.
Steve returned from his weekend in NY with some Italian bakery treats. He had a nice time with his brother and family and got to eat at his favorite Italian restaurant.
A good day.


Holly said...

I 'm in Brroklyn NOW visiting my daughter. What is Steve's favorite Italian place? This is my last night and we are up in the air about dinner plans....MY girl's biethday is tomorrow. Maybe your new grandbaby will also be born on the first day of Spring!! Same birthday as Big Bird!!

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Fiorentino's on Avenue U near the F train. I think the neighborhood is called Gravesend.

Also interesting but harder to get to by train is LB's Spumoni the spumoni!!!!!


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