Sunday, March 4, 2012

Still waiting for Baby Girl

We got the call yesterday at noon that maybe Shanna was in labor. I  said I would call back in an hour to see if they were continuing as we were not home. Steve insisted on doing the laundry before we left driving me crazy....why  oh why? Shanna thought that the contractions were continuing so off we went on our 12.5 hour journey. Nice roads though strong winds were pushing us every wish way and we sat through long lines at both borders. We pulled in at 2 am. The whole family was up but the contractions had seemed to subside only to wake her up again 4 hours later. We went to the hospital this morning. They were not impressed with the contractions. She is not dilated or effaced and it is too early to have a C-section without being in labor.  Unlike the other babies, Baby Girl is head down! She could be a VBAC. Shanna was told to go home and wait. It is now noon and that is what we are doing.    Waiting.

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Holly said...

Looking foward to pictures of the new little one...


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