Thursday, March 22, 2012

Absinthe spoons

Back in Ann Arbor, we used to have a small company that produced specialty liquors: my favorite being blackberry liquor. It tasted so fresh! It also made absinthe. I've been looking for absinthe spoons over the past few years( yeah I know I can order them over the internet). Finally found some today in a bar specialty shop but too pricy..
Pretty things that I have bought since my MA stay:
A beautiful purple silk rose scarf in Concord.
A pretty yellow top from the hospital giftshop.
Bonus: no sales tax on clothes here.
Today was in the mid-80s..too hot for running comfortably but out I went anyway. I finally figured out the path to this one lake I wanted to run around but then I was too tired to do it. Cooler days ahead though.

We visited Shanna and Tessa this afternoon. Baby Tessa is doing great; Shanna very weak and sore.

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Teri Bernstein said...

What a beautiful family!


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