Saturday, March 31, 2012

Birthdays missed

Today is Naomi's 21st birthday. Now she is really an adult and can drink. She will go out and have that first drink tonight while Steve watches Ms. Maya. With all the challenges she has faced, substance abuse fortunately has not been one of them. No smoking; no early drinking. Yes I know I might be sounding a bit naive here. All kids experiment and I experimented plenty despite being Ms Cautious and Ms. Goody-Two Shoes. I won't be back today but I can take her out later in the week. I at least planned ahead with her birthday present.

I also missed Josh and Julia's 30th birthdays..some find turning 30 some sort of milestone too. Recently there was a poll to determine what age do people most wish they were..33 was the winner. I remember being in my 30s as being the most rewarding. My two kids (Naomi had not been born yet) were elementary school age and had no major problems, I was in the best shape of my life capable of doing marathons at a good clip, work was somewhat fun, we had no money issues..we were really busy coaching soccer and me having my Girl Scouts. Since I have turned 50 however, challenges galore have presented themselves. Health issues (Cancer scare and actual cancer) dealing with a  learning disability (Naomi's) that the school preferred to ignore, ailing parents, Alzheimer's Disease and my father's craziness which I had been able to ignore until then, their deaths and the estate from hell full of court battles, both of us losing our jobs, a run away times.

But many blessings..weddings, babies,travel, surviving cancer..time to deal with it all. And I have been able to witness Tessa's first 10 precious.

Ramy started driving back here with the boys, a difficult ride as they  all have colds and ran into icy weather  in Canada. He had planned to stop halfway but needed to stop way before that in an area where he didn't know the motels so it took a while to find one. I will stay here until he returns which will be late tonight. Weather permitting, I'll be on the road tomorrow.

Yesterday I ran the farthest  I have been able to in the past 10 years: 102 minutes. I was going to run to Lexington on the Minuteman trail but running uphill 5 miles against a sizeable northwest wind was not appealing. Instead I ran around Fresh Pond which is shielded by large trees so I didn't feel the wind much until I returned on the Minuteman. The not so nice section: the area around the T station and running along a busy road during rush hour but that all just lasted less than 10 minutes..faster than the cars I passed. Rhododendrons are in bloom now! The weather today as the weather reporter just said is the coldest day Boston had the whole month of March. We hope the Berkshires will be clear by the time Ramy drives through them. Lots of anxious waiting here.

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