Sunday, March 25, 2012


Miss Tessa has a big lump on the top of her head about the size of a plum half. It is flesh colored. I didn't even noticed it until day 3 because  she was wearing a hat. I did notice that the ear on the same side is flattened. Both conditions are due presumably to how she laid in utero and both conditions are harmless and will resolve themselves.

I did look up cephalohematomas. One of the first hits I came across was a link to a weasel lawyer who claims that one should sue ones OB for this 'hideous deformity' because it didn't have to be. The OB could have performed a C section to prevent it.

Well newsflash weasel lawyer, a C section would not have prevented it.

Due to weasels like that, the C section rate in the US is amazingly high. One thing we seem to be spared here in Boston is the constant stream of competing ambulance chaser ads. I love watching The Office reruns but on the Detroit station, sometimes 8 different lawfirms with their fake sincerity urge us to contact them for sidewalk tripping, birth defects, prevent foreclosures, car accidents, disability claims, etc.

All so quiet here. Ms Tessa hardly makes a peep. In the hospital, Shanna seemed to be surrounded by constantly crying newborns.Before  I could get a single room, I had to share a room after having Naomi. My roommate's baby cried for a good hour in the middle of the night before she finally yelled at me Well aren't you going to do something? I then told her that it was HER baby making the noise, mine was gone.

Due to gas and fluid accumulation, Shanna still looks pregnant. Walking should help but her blood pressure is high and she was told just to rest.Since it is "heart' month, the local pharmacy does blood pressure checks. I think we should pay them a visit.

It is fun to watch Tessa's face in the few times she is up and alert. She scans her surroundings wrinkling her face and making all sorts of expressions. Yesterday we just took turns holding her as she slept. Although she is a good eater, nursing is so relaxing she falls asleep but she does resume if Shanna starts to pull away.

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