Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beware the Ides of March..Tornado!!!!

No tornado in Boston...just drab weather but back home, all hell is breaking loose. A friend called to say that Josh's house was in the path of a tornado. About the same time, he looked out from his yard and saw it coming. He took his dog and jumped into the car and drove south to a clearer spot but then the skies were black there. The tornado touched down just a few blocks from his house flattening 6 homes. It headed south bypassing Ann Arbor. Our house will be safe from tornados but we are trying to figure out if our lower level is flooded . Once the storm dies down, Naomi will check.  Julia was at work huddled in the the lower level. The tornado turned southeast and headed to where she was but it didn't touch down again  until much later.

No injuries in Dexter but what a mess!!!!! When they were looking at houses, they were deciding between two in adjacent subdivisions. The tornado destroyed houses on the street
they did not choose. Lots of wind and hail too along with flooding. Hail, Hail to Michigan indeed!
I thought today will be the day for Baby Girl. More contractions..not very comfortable but still no action.


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