Saturday, March 24, 2012


Tessa and Shanna are home now's just us girls. Ramy, Steve, and the two boys are on their way to Michigan. It will give Shanna some additional time to rest. So we are camped out in the living room watching junk TV.
Steve and I took the boys to Spy Pond yesterday. It was a warm beautiful day and we pinicked on the shore. The kids had fun at the playground. Oliver did not want to ride his bike home, almost a mile uphill, and I didn't want to carry it. He can be so stubborn! Eventually we had to be driven back.

A cold front moved in dropping the temp 30 degrees. No sun either. But just wonderful for running. So I was able to finally run around Fresh Pond, Cambridge's twin kettle pond. Both were important sources of ice that was shipped around the world. Now it is a reservoir for the local communities. It's an hour round trip for me to run there and includes a busy ugly section but it was worth it.


Teri Bernstein said...

Three kids! My brother-in-law remarked that it was a switch from man-to-man to Zone defense...Shanna is lucky to have you to help! I guess you had Shanna to help when Naomi was born...LOL...

krisa said...

That sounds perfect!


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