Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blessings in 2011

Me and my X-mas necklace and sweater

Don'tae told Naomi that he didn't realize that Shanna's last name was "Noel"

Blessings: We all have our health, a new baby is on the way, Shanna's family has a new house, Naomi had her dream wedding.

There was sadness this year too. Our more than 15 year old pug Spud did not last the year. There were other situations that are so unfair that I get angry and sad when I think of them. But one situation has passed and hopefully the other situation will be resolved.

I did not not travel much this year. I went to Boston twice and Steve and I had a minivacation in Western Michigan last spring. We had the Moms weekend in the Thumb. Next year, I will travel more.

Yesterday I was having lunch again with Josh. He said that his MIL told him that Julia probably inherited a condition in which only female eggs are produced as the MIL only had girls as did all her sisters. He asked me if this could possibly be true. (He really wants a son).
I told him that there are no such thing as 'female eggs' though there are male and female sperm and that maybe this was the MIL's idea of a joke. Note to her: we have the same goal here..don't scare him away!

Happy New Year to all my Dear Readers!

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