Saturday, December 24, 2011

A chain of guinea pigs

It was determined in Switzerland that guinea pigs are social creatures and that it would be cruel to have just one. A law was passed. I am not sure how it is to be enforced or what the penalty is for non-compliance but no matter, apparently the Swiss are law-abiding citizens that will police themselves. But it does raise a question? You buy the mandatory two guinea pigs and then one dies before the other. You are legally obligated to replace the deceased. a few months go by and the original guinea pig you must buy a companion for the companion. On and on: a never ending obligation unless death strikes your guinea pigs  simultaneously (woe to those who might engineer that).

Until now. An enterprising person will rent your pet a companion for $30 or so. When the companion is no longer needed, you return it.

Or the Swiss can stick to hamsters. They are definitely not social creatures, are smaller, have shorter lives and I think cuter. See hamster husbandry blog.

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