Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spy vs spy

Last week I reported that a 65 year old pediatrician was accused of watching a 12 year old girl undress from his bathroom window 4 times in a 2 week period. A very strange case. How can this be proved? Well the mom set up an iPad from another window that recorded the doc peering at her daughter while appearing to 'pleasure himself'. So it is illegal to watch someone undress but is it legal to take movies of someone 'pleasuring himself'? And is it entrapment to let your daughter undress and attract such attention?

The court of public opinion is divided. All sorts of comments were posted that mama has a few screws loose but these were removed in the spirit of 'not blaming the victim'. But who is the victim here?

And then we have the case of the 'green' bank robber who used the local bus as an escape vehicle. Should the bus driver be indicted for abetting a crime?

I did my long run today given that today is the warmest and least snowiest for the next few days. It was a rockin' 28 degrees out ( I used to listen to a radio station in which all degrees reported were 'rockin'). I can't run on the dirt roads any longer as they are icy and stay icy unless it is well above freezing several days in a row. That kept me off them for 4 months last year and that winter wasn't all that cold (only needed gloves one day).

My husband is trying to get a hearing aid before the end of the year before our insurance turns even worse. Big surprise when they found almost no hearing at all in either ear at the higher frequencies.

There is a special ringtone at a frequency that presumably only those under 20 can hear. It has been used to drive young loiterers away. My son, well over 20, takes pride in that he can hear it.

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