Thursday, December 29, 2011

Little victories...

Internet fraud: The credit card company reversed the charges posted by the fraudulent photo to canvas company that took my money and ran. The only communication I ever received by this company was that there would be a slight delay in shipping. The same e-mail was sent to about a hundred people, whose addresses all were on the memo sent to me (so much for privacy). Of course mass e-mails have been going back and forth between the fellow victims Anyone get their prints? etc. Only one person ever did and spoke suspiciously glowingly about the service so we are all fairly sure that the bogus company put that one in. On the website, the company claims to be All-American but it is really Danish. Hints that this might be the case: FAQ written in broken, British English.  and also company posting credit charges was in Denmark. Added bonus: foreign transaction fees. Never again will I be suckered into this. I reordered now through Costco. I don't pay until I pick up my stuff. The same company that runs blogger put the bogus company on the top of my internet search. I tried to contact them but written all over the place is that they have no responsibility for fraud. Caveat Emptor indeed!!!

Health Insurance fiasco: The same company (a very big, well known one) that administers our 401K also administers our 'benefits'. Scary as to how incompetent they are. All I wanted was my own health insurance and with a different company than the crappy one we have now. Hours have been spent on the phone haggling what should have been an easy thing. They warn that anything promised on the phone means nothing without written confirmation and for a while, they insisted that I have been sent this confirmation 5 times. Finally they admitted to a computer glitch but said they would send something overnight Fed-Ex confirming my insurance in a different way. Overnight ended up taking 6 whole days (really?I know X-mas was in there..they used a competitor to FedEx..another service never to use). I wasn't too concerned as the insurance cards that I was told I wouldn't get for another whole month arrived in the meantime. But then I got insurance cards for the other company that I am getting rid of...Good news: I am insured Bad news: need to make more phone calls.

One week fight over in a day: Steve and I don't argue often and when we do, it is quite quiet unlike the screaming matches we were both exposed to growing up. But it usually involves me getting the silent treatment for a whole week, rarely is my sentence shortened. It was this week.

Big unexpected bonus for Steve: Steve went back to work this year to cover lots of extra expenses incurred. Even if he were working fulltime, the pay is well less than half than he used to receive. But it is well more than nothing and he can come and go as he pleases. He was told that they got bonuses and he just assumed a few extra hours of pay but it was quite a bit more than that. Still won't put much of a dent into the 'extra expenses'.

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