Thursday, December 15, 2011


Recently I was watching a YouTube video going around entitled Dear 16 year old self in which melanoma patients now in their 20s and 30s rue the behaviors they had as 16 teen year olds that put them at risk for melanoma, tanning beds, laying out in the sun for hours, etc. One young man started off If being a Ginger wasn't bad enough.... He had an American accent. Having several British bosses, I became familiar with their terms. One described Naomi to his own daughter as a ginger. Now ginger to me seems to be yellowish brown, not orangish red. When people came up to Naomi when she was very young and told her that she was a red head, she would correct them and say that her hair was orange. It has darkened into red as she grew older.
Anyway, in England, there seems to be extra hostility against redheads: they call it gingerism.

Ginger is one of my favorite spices. In Asian restaurants, I always opt for ginger ice cream. We had a holiday party today in Maya's class. I did not have time to make anything special. I brought some ginger biscotti and some decorating icings and sprinkles. Some lady made really cute gingerbread men. The teacher brought homemade sugar snowflakes to decorate so all my sprinkles came in handy. Maya's favorite part of the class was getting bells to ring while they sang Jingle Bells. She didn't want to give them back. This class had mainly older kids in it. For next semester, we signed her up for a class just for her age group that is on this side of town instead of the opposite.

Naomi has been working 10 hour shifts all night so I have had Maya a lot. Running after a baby all day is hard.

It was 57 degrees at one point today but the cold front is coming in heralded by a stiff wind. I waited impatiently for Steve to relieve me of my babysitting so I could get some exercise.  It is the middle of December and I was out in shorts. A bit tough going into the wind.

Yesterday we made 'healthy' holiday treats in our cooking for survival class. As there was a lot of slicing and dicing that was needed, I spent the whole time doing that. Strangest dish: mock chopped liver. This was made from lentils, roasted green beans, walnuts, onions and garlic. It actually did taste like liver but it was good. We also made a tasty eggplant dip. The desserts were brownies in which much of the fat was replaced by applesauce, not bad, and date bars, which I haven't had since childhood. 

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