Friday, December 23, 2011

Because the computer tells me so..

For the past 3 months, I have been having a battle with the benefits department of my former company or at least with the people who they have outsourced to handle these things. I wanted to have my own health insurance instead of being a dependent of Steve's. What a struggle! I asked for written confirmation that I elected such and such insurance. E-mails were not an option with this company. On their recordings, they warn nothing is binding orally so I needed to have this in print. No problem! as I've been told five (5!!!!) times, we'll send that out to you. You should receive it in 7- 10 business days. (they must have especially slow snail mail). I record the names and dates of the conversations. I give them 3 weeks and repeat phone call. Each time they insist the computer says I am insured and I was sent a confirmation on such and such a date. Yesterday I called again to complain. They said the computer says I was sent 4 notices...I should go to the post office and see why I don't get my mail. Yes they have the correct address. Now it is true that some of the mail carriers give us the neighbor's mail and I can assume they get ours. As they are annoying former frat boys, they couldn't be troubled to redirect the mail (they noisily come and go in the middle of the night with their thumping sound systems..they get several newspapers a day but can't be troubled to pick them off their driveway so it is covered in newspaper smush) but all four notices? I ask to speak to the supervisor as this is getting absurd. She repeats that I am covered and if it will make me happy, they will send out a fifth confirmation. I ask if the insurance company could send me my cards as they have already with Steve's. Well they will but it won't be until the end of January. What happens if I get sick? Well in January you can call them and they will give you the plan number but not before then.

Finally late yesterday I get a phone call. They decided to investigate my complaint (could I have been the only one with this problem? I think not). Although the computer says all these notices were sent, they finally figured out that meant nothing. And I can't get a confirmation by their stupid rules. What they will do is send me an invoice for my first month's insurance. This will prove I have insurance (maybe). She said I would get this in 7-10 business days. Why does this take so long? Oh do you want it sooner? Should I put it in express mail? Yes!!!
So if I don't get this by 3 pm Tuesday (delayed by the holidays), I have a specific person to hound.

I am quite jaded now. I am still annoyed that I sent money via credit card to a black hole that seemed to be a service for printing photos on canvas. I should have been suspicious of its prices being half of the other sites. Too late I read it is a scam. The credit card company was billed instantly. The credit card company launched an investigation. I had to mail them all sorts of stuff. Hopefully these crooks won't get away with this. And a bonus..they have the credit card number and security code.

Bizarre internet search results as read from my stat counter:

Nude blond boy: Result, a picture of of  seven year old Josh racing down a hill in Washington State. No he wasn't nude but it gives me the creeps that some pederast got on my site and downloaded that picture.

Biracial Downs' Syndrome baby: Result, a picture of 9 month Maya holding a doll. OK, she is biracial (or quadracial depending how you figure it) And she has no signs of having Downs'. It is not even clear that she is biracial from the picture or in person. The school system filled out a report on her as she is receiving services for her delays. They took it upon themselves to classify her as 'Caucasian' as they have only seen Naomi and I. But in the real world, one drop of black equals black. Take Obama for instance: time spent with his black relatives? Close to zero. Despite his white mom, he is considered black.
A search for cute biracial baby resulted in the same picture. This doesn't distress me so much but I have posted much cuter pictures of her.

These are not the main search results: Now the Chia Obama is replacing the Edelweiss replacing the hummingbird imposter replacing the donkey stew. As this is a cancer blog (sort of as I am usually off topic), the number one cancer query result is the color of a tumor.

Amusing internet search of my friend. She is an instructor and assigned a term paper to her charges. One of her low performing students produced a paper filled with phrasing quite unlike her. My friend typed in three words into a search engine and retrieved the entire paper. The student's response? She was just using that paper as a source (uncited) and accidentally sent it in instead. Can she send in her 'real' paper?

Steve got his hearing aid yesterday. Already one isn't working though maybe it is a battery issue.

It doesn't look like X-mas at all but for that, I am happy.

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