Monday, December 19, 2011

Party Hearty

Charlotte before removing side of springform pan. Note to self: Have lady fingers facing the other way so they will lie flat

Brie en croute avec les figues

Festive table

After removing sides. Charlotte not as firm as I would have liked. Need to increase gelatin by 50%
Last night, for the 31st time, we Moms got together for our annual gathering and gift exchange. Very fun. Aside from my enormous brie, we have cocktail shrimp and crudities for appetizers; a wonderful salad, shrimp scampi with rice noodles; a roasted sweet potato and pineapple dish, a cranberry and carrot salad and lots of wine.

And today I met with the neighborhood moms. The former little boys are now becoming fathers, at least some of them. Hard to imagine as the picture I have of some of these boys are of 8 year olds. For the past three years, we have slogged through knee deep snow to get to our hostess's house but today temps were in the 50s.

Naomi passed her state examination to become licensed so hopefully this will lead to a job. As it gets closer to X-mas, her hours in her temporary job are longer and longer. Tough when she had a test first thing in the morning. Don'tae brought Ms. Maya over early before he left for work. I will have her most of this week. I let her play with some of her X-mas gifts early. Steve is working longer hours too. Josh will keep me company tomorrow.

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AnneMarie said...

I love that you have maintained a tradition with others for so many years. This digs beneath the surface ... setting aside just a little time from the Madness of the Season to remember what it is all about. The people who have come to mean so much to us and with whom we have "history" ......

Merry, Happy and all good things!



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