Friday, December 2, 2011

Gasoline Roulette

This is a game my husband loves to play. I do not enjoy it one bit. Basically it is to see how far one can drive on fumes with the Needs Gas! light on. If I protest, I am told that we have plenty of gas. I try to reason that the dregs have water and other sediment that will destroy the engine but to no avail. We have run out of gas at least 3 times: all at very inconvenient times but still he does not learn the lesson. I try to annoy him by saying I was forced to buy gas around our house (at least 25 cents/gallon more than the 'cheap side'). I was again reminded of this game today when I tried to go somewhere in my ice encrusted car that I hadn't driven in 2 weeks. He has though and had drained the tank.

A variant of gasoline roulette: see how much gas we can stuff in the tank! Also, always end up with an even amount (like $35.00; not $34.79) even though we are paying by credit card and gas is dribbling down the side of the car. Also this takes time: To fill up the first 99% of the tank takes as much as he spends getting that last 1% in. I have given him warnings written by 'car experts' about the dangers of over-filling the tank. Again to deaf ears.

(Speaking of deaf ears: he is finally taking the first steps towards dealing with his hearing loss today)

Another annoying game: see how long we can drive a beater. We had an Aerostar forever because its engine was still good. No transmission or brakes but gotta love the engine. This was during a time in which we were both working and could afford something other than a beater.

See how many trucks and slower cars we can pass before we exit even though we might occasionally miss the exit during the heat of the game. Reminders that we are exiting soon and really are not in any kind of hurry just result in annoyance.

More snow fell last night. I hit the malls instead of running.. Not as fun as I had hoped.

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