Monday, December 12, 2011

A gift for Steve?

Tomorrow is our 34th anniversary. What to give? Last night I saw an advertisment for a Chia Obama. It comes in two models: smiling Obama and serious Obama. (smiling is pictured) I'm sure Steve would love it. (Does sarcasm travel through the internet?) He is on the western coast of the state for work. At one point, it was going to be a multiday assignment and I was going with him but that changed.

Aside from giving Obama that green 'fro, chia seeds are considered 'super foods'.

I am devoting at least part of today to decluttering. I made a little progress last week. Do we need copies of employee handbooks for a company that doesn't exist? Do we need baseball registers for the past 30 years? Do we need 20 years of financial reports? Well those handbooks are now gone but I think our marriage won't make it to year 35 if those baseball books go missing.

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