Sunday, December 4, 2011

Animal hats, the gold kimono and an avocado boat

Cute hats for the grandkids
Fancy embroidery on back

My silk kimono. My friend modified it so it didn't go all the way to my ankles. It had looked more like a robe before instead of a pretty top
I am a sucker for cute hats for kids. I will send 4 of them off to Boston though at least one of the boys hates hats but maybe when he sees how cute he'll look.... There was a really cute penguin hat too but as it had so much white in it, it would be hard to keep clean.

The kimono I bought a few months ago at a resale shop.Beautiful silk but the lining was falling apart and it was way too long for a top. My friend offered to fix it. It looks gold in this picture but in the low light that I am sitting in, it appears tangerine, a color that I would never have worn with my dish water blonde hair but now that my hair is lighter, I have been wearing more oranges and yellows.

Last night a friend and I went to the nicest sushi restaurant in Ann Arbor. The waiter suggested that we get an avocado boat, a whole avocado filled with spicy shrimp and then the whole thing was deep fried. Sounded weird, but why not? Turns out that the avocado was served on a bed of fried crumbs, tasty. It was a very pretty dish. I should have taken pictures (I usually have a camera). The spider roll and the bad boy roll were good too.

It is raining and very windy on my running day. I am hoping it will be better in a few hours but that seems unlikely. We will have lunch in an hour or so with Josh and Julia. The latter will graduate with her Masters in Accounting in a few weeks. She just found a job with her anticipated degree. When will they fit babies in?

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