Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My wedding

No fancy wedding for wedding dress was a prom dress; I catered the wedding myself; I had no attendants; there was no aisle to walk down; no one gave me away (though I never would have agreed to this).  I made table decorations consisting of floating candles. Red water with a thin layer of oil on top that fed a wick in plastic glasses. They looked as terrible as they sound. At the last minute, my step-grandmother provided a cake and real dishes (versus paper plates). She helped me get the dinner ready the whole time grousing how awful my father was (her step-son who was only a few years younger than her). She was angry that he didn't pay for the cake or dishes.

We went to Florida on our honeymoon trying to camp on the Keys in winter. We had a small 2 person tent that needed to be staked. However the ground was made up of coral. We were there in a windstorm. To keep the tent from blowing away, we needed to weigh down the inside with big pieces of coral, big because coral is so light. There wasn't much room left for us. Later on the honeymoon, we got in the worst fight of our marriage. He deserted me in the middle of Tampa. I thought he had left for good.

Naomi wants a honeymoon now. I said I would help pay half of it. She was incredulous that she would have to pay the other half.

Steve came home late yesterday to celebrate our 34th anniversary. I have beautiful flowers and a nice gift. We were both too tired for a night on the town.

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Teri Bernstein said...

HOO HAAAH ! That was the first wedding of my generation that I attended. My date was a dear friend--gay--and it was a privilege and and an honor to be there. love love love


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