Saturday, December 24, 2011

Presence versus presents

Josh at 16 or 17 months
Yesterday at lunch I sit across from my handsome son at a new restaurant in his village (which soon might morph to a city). In my mind's eye, he is a smiling toddler in Steve's arms throwing me one last kiss before going to bed. He went to bed willingly but only if it was after 10 pm. He had an internal clock that could not be fooled. It would be hard to reproduce that scene as he outweighs Steve by at least 30 pounds. The blond hair has morphed to brown. If his wife wasn't so diligent about cutting it, it would be a mass of curls. If it were up to me, that is what he would have but it isn't up to me.

 This week my grandson lost all his curls.

I have Josh to myself because his wife is working while he is on vacation. Next week he will be entertaining his in-laws. He warns me that the present that they are giving the in-laws might be considered more elaborate than the ones they are getting us and we are not to compare or be insulted. Of course I would not have known this if he hadn't told me and I certainly would not have asked. Also I don't care. What can they give us that we can't give ourselves? His presence. They are here and not outside of DC where the in-laws are. The in-laws would dearly love to come back and have tried. Eventually they will be back. But I love that I can see him so often and that we get along so well.

Yeah, there is something else they can give us and I can't help myself from asking about that (the in-laws probably ask way more than I do). I am appeased but I know it is probably just an appeasement.


Updates: After all that kvetching, I got my health insurance card for next year.
Also: Ms. Naomi is featured on the homepage of her school Washtenaw Community college.

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