Sunday, January 1, 2012

A long, tall drink of water

We should have shot this from the side to show how big these stilettos were

A few years ago, the host in a restaurant looked at Naomi in amazement:

My, aren't you a long, tall drink of water!

Naomi hadn't heard  that expression before and found it hilarious. Teetering in her 4 inch bright red stilettos last night,  she was almost as tall as Don'tae. The mini skirt made her legs look especially long. This photo doesn't quite show how she looked. They went out last night for part of New Year's. We had Ms. Maya.
Josh and Julia were in Chicago having a night on the town while Naomi and her family kept Sunny company.

High wind advisory! Fortunately the winds didn't pick up to their gale force self until after my run. It felt good to be out in the relative warmth. Lots of people out there getting their runs and walks in before all turns sour.

A brand New Year! I won't put my resolutions out there but I have them.

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Alli said...

They all look very nice and happy..... I know there are a couple of people who have said that about my son. He is 6'4 good looking and I heard one say.

My my he's just like a delicious cool tall glass of water...... lol

He was embarrassed.... Alli XX


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