Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Dragon baby

On Chinese New Year's Day, Shanna's baby remained in utero, good as she is only at 31 weeks gestation weighing in with a probable 3.5 lbs or so. She will be a dragon baby, the most auspicious sign. In areas with high Asian populations, there will be a huge increase in births this year as there was in 2000, the last Dragon year. Although Steve and I were born in the same year, he is a Dragon baby whereas I am the much more inferior Snake baby, due to differences in solar calendars versus lunar calendars.

We were watching one of our favorite shows House Hunters the other day (Josh's house had been featured on one of the shows as the house that a couple out-grew). An educated Asian couple with a big budget were searching for a house in this particular episode. They listed their Feng Shui requirements, among them was the house had to face east versus west and have a curved walkway versus straight leading up to it. I forgot what the north versus south importance was.

So maybe that is why my luck hasn't been so good;  having been born a snake and  having been lived in houses with straight walkways and facing west for the past 35 years.

The main problem I find with our west facing houses is prevailing winds. Everyone's leaves, snow and general flotsam ends up in our yard. The worst case was our first house in which we were directly east of a neighbor's huge cottonwood tree and compost pile. Shortly after we moved there, the neighbor came to introduce himself as Mr. Doe, NOT Mr. John Doe, call me John, please. Well I guess we were very young. I knew the man from before as he was my instructor in the Know your Auto class I took a couple of years before but after the icy introduction and no glimmer of recognition on his part, I didn't remind him of that. My former boyfriend took his class in high school. When one of his fellow students said something about how gross the engine grease on his hands was, Mr. Doe told him to wait until he was married because he will have much more gross substances on his hands then. That  popped in my mind every time I saw him. He had a request, after we bag all of our lawn clippings, will we please add them to his compost pile. So we got to smell this too along with the rotted manure he added to his garden. And  that crappy cottonwood capable of producing tons of choking cottonballs and yard debris (added to the compost pile). Finally the impressive derecho of 1980 (no power for more than a week) with its 100 mph straightline  due west winds, knocked that sucker over. Our lawn was covered with its broken branches.

I don't put any stock in horoscopes and I am surprised when people do. One of my current middle of the night readings is Galileo's Daughter. Galileo first started out as a medical student. Part of practice of medicine then  was knowing astrology. From gazing at the stars for his astrology classes, he became an astronomer, which led to him publishing his observations that were in contradiction with church doctrine, thus the heresy trial. I think it took more than 300 years for the Church to apologize.

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