Friday, January 20, 2012

And the shoe dropped

 I am miserable right now with this probable Norwalk virus thing. It feels just like the crud I had around Thanksgiving but that was worse as I was expected to entertain and cook.

So if you ever feel nauseous, don't eat anything tomato based and definitely do not have a glass of red wine. I really didn't think I ate much yesterday but from the sheer volume of vomit, it appeared that I did and that my stomach must have a capacity twice as big as the normal person. I do have some heavy duty anti nausea medication left over from my chemofest days but I figured that would be counter-productive as perhaps it is good to remove the virus that took up residence in my upper digestive tract (not lower as it usually does).
The good news is that this thing should be gone by tomorrow and I haven't thrown up in almost ten hours. Coffee is out of the question. I have been drinking raspberry tea to get some caffeine.

Also Maya does not have it. Norwalk doesn't seem to attack babies but rotoviruses do. This would be life threatening to her.

As Steve was too ill to leave the house yesterday, I had to deal with the repairman. The good news is that the condo's wiring is all right. The bad news: Maytag sucks. Due to a faulty design, once this foam housing wears away, a sharp metal edge touches live wires and sets off enormous sparks. The place could have burnt down. It burnt out the circuit board. There will be a complaint filed with the consumer safety people. the repairman hasn't seen it before: just our dishwasher is faulty apparently.

Naomi is recovering too. As Maya napped we played 'seven little words'. Trying to increase her vocabulary in a fun way.

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