Friday, January 27, 2012

Maya goes to school

Her favorite activity: pretending to drive the car

Close-up of the papier mache dragon head made to celebrate the Chinese New Year

Dragon march: the instructor envisioned the kids marching under the dragon's body while shaking their noise makers. No kid wanted to be covered up.

She likes to scribble preferably with both hands at once

The car's motor: a headless grandma

Ms. Maya goes to a class once a week with others ages 12 to 24 months in which half of the time is free play and the other half, circle time in which the same songs are sung week after week. During the free time, lately she just wants to be pushed around in the car and is very resistant to being transitioned to another activity.

Twice a month she has speech therapy. This is not going well. It is scheduled during her nap time (must see about changing that) so she is crabby. Although they have taught her sign 5 or 6 words, actual words are not used. This is how the other day went. Maya was given a wagon ride, which she enjoys. Suddenly the wagon stops. To make it go again, Maya must indicate the sign for go. Instead she screamed while pushing her body back and forth, her indication that she wanted the thing to move. After starting and stopping about twenty times, all we were left with were a frustrated baby and an  instructor.

Today is her 18th month check-up (although she is almost 19 months). We know that from a WIC visit a few weeks ago, she is 50%tile for weight and 75%tile for height so they should be happy about that.(Update: she is 42%tile for weight and 87%tile for height according to the pediatrician) The lack of speaking, not so much but we are doing all that we can. Naomi is being watched carefully as they assume a low income young mother needs extra watching. And I guess I must be suspect as a grandmother because, if I were a good mother, I would not have had a child who became pregnant at 18.

I presumably did not speak until I was three although I don't know how much I trust the reporter of this. I do know that people judge intelligence from how articulate one is. This goes two ways: Naomi was put in the highest reading group in first grade because she was a fluent reader. It took another year to realize she had no idea what the words actually meant. I do not believe Maya is mentally slow otherwise. She is very alert and eager to try new things.

The Moms are coming over tonight. Must prepare.

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