Sunday, January 15, 2012

I pledge allegiance..

Our fair state faces many problems but what do certain legislators concentrate on?
Ensuring that every school child , including high schoolers, recite the pledge daily. I am not sure what the penalties are for non-compliance..cutting the district's funding? Firing the teacher?

In New York, I remember having to recite the pledge. I didn't have the slightest idea what it all meant. Not to toot my own horn here (although that's all I seem to do) but if I didn't understand it, I am sure my classmates did not either. I remember the one year, we recited it to an empty flag pole since the new 50 star flags hadn't come in yet or our school district couldn't pay for them yet they had discarded the 48 star ones. Yeah, just how old am I?

I don't remember reciting it in Michigan but maybe I did. I am sure that I did not do it beyond elementary school. Years later, when the New Jersey chemists were transferred to Ann Arbor, they got together for support I guess being stranded here in the wilderness, the Fly Over Zone, poor them. As I was dating Steve, (one of the NJ chemists), I was there. The NJ spouses were all full of negativity about having to be here in the Midwest (go home then). One was astonished to find out that her little darlings weren't regularly spouting the pledge and was going to make it a one woman mission to make sure they did. This wasn't a person I wanted to friend.

I see several problems with this potential law. First of all, not everyone here are American citizens, especially in Ann Arbor. Second of all, some people's religions prohibit this. Third of all, separation of Church and State anyone? Fourth, the teaching hours in high school are too short as it this how we want their time spent?
And lastly, enforced patriotism seems a bit fascist to me. And for certain marginalized groups to repeat 'justice for all' when they have experienced little justice just increases cynicism.

Also being considered by the same people..drug tests for anyone who gets any sort of assistance..unemployment, WIC included. Wouldn't this be expensive? Nope. The recipients will have to fork over the money themselves to take the test..too bad if they don't have it. Too bad for their children if for some reason they test positive Too bad that there are false positives (see blog about Julia's wealthy friend being screened against her knowledge while she was giving birth, she had to prove the test was a false positive..she had the resources fortunately for her..meanwhile they threatened to take her baby away).
Yeah I one wants their tax dollars used to support a drug habit. I don't either. I also didn't want them spent to support certain contractors that made out like bandits during the 'war' but there you go.

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