Monday, January 9, 2012

To friend and to defriend

Alternate title: Defriending Frenzy

Yesterday we sit across from Josh and Julia at brunch on a crisp, sunny day. They are treating us with a Groupon that includes mimosas and bloody Marys. Steve doesn't drink (not since a few weeks before Maya's birth) and Josh does not drink 'in the middle of the day!'  so Julia and I drink their share. Waste not, want not.  We usually eat together about once a week but this brunch is a treat in part to make up for me being roused out of bed to drive through the dark and ice to rescue Julia the other day from being stranded. On this day, Julia is being unusually chatty fueled by the 2 mimosas slowly metabolized by her tiny body. She says something about a friend of mine.

And how would you know that?!?

Oh, we're Facebook friends.

Let me get this straight. You will be friends with  my friends but you won't be MY friend.

I wasn't going to say anything. I thought for sure after the rescue, the friend request sitting in her in box would be fulfilled but no. And I knew she had been on Facebook. OK, some people want their privacy but those some people are usually teenagers. Why do I want to be her friend? She takes lots of photos and posts them of my son.

But Julia said that she accepted my request (no you didn't). We are now friends one click later on the smart phone.

In the past week, I also have been defriended, a slightly sad but predictable event. Through a short grapevine, my opinion that a nephew was perhaps sharing a little too much, set off a defriending spree. I am sure I was the first to go. As that silly saying goes, he fixed my wagon.

Naomi and I were not friends while she was a teenager. I would send requests and was not at all surprised when they were rejected though she accepted those of some of my friends. Hints of Maya's conception were posted on Facebook which after a long interval, finally were revealed to me. After Maya was born, she finally accepted although she has defriended me a couple of times in anger. Josh refuses to do Facebook. I originally joined because Shanna would post videos of my distant grandsons, which of course I wanted to view.

Spring lasts until Thursday or Friday here.

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