Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

I am surrounded by illness. Naomi spent some time in the ER the other night hooked up to an iv getting rehydrated from some sort of intestinal virus that is going around and last night, Steve came down with it. I spend much more time with Naomi than Steve or maybe they caught it from separate sources. I am hoping Maya does not get it. I had her for most of the day yesterday so Naomi could recover. Then I was around people with respiratory symptoms..
So far, I am just a bit more tired and was not very enthusiastic about running late yesterday in the cold wind which seemed to bother me more than usual. This morning would not have have been a good time to feel pukey as I spent a good deal of the time in the dentist chair getting my crown, repairing another chipped tooth that just happened the other day (gravel in my fig butter?), having a general check-up and cleaning. No cavities at least. It finally snowed giving me a slippery drive this morning. I lost control trying to make a Michigan left.

So this has been a week of ups and downs. Downs such as having a blogger friend die and Naomi's dishwasher almost bursting into flames (repair person is supposed to show up today). Ups include a nice  lunch with a friend and Happy Hour on another evening and a good visit from Josh. Also, through Internet sleuthing, I found the address of a child of a lost friend and sent a letter to it. Hopefully this will reconnect me with my friend. I last spoke to her in the middle of the night about 6 or 7 years ago. She was very upset and about to leave her third husband. After about 2 hours, I said that I really had to go to sleep (I was working that morning). I said I would call back in a few days but didn't until about a month later. By then, her home phone and her cell phone numbers were disconnected. Maybe she was mad that I didn't listen to her longer but she didn't contact me. I have a feeling she moved to be close to her sister who lives in another state but I can't remember the sister's last name for the life of me. Unfortunately my friend had a very common last name as did all her husbands. Her first child was born before she turned 19. I found someone with that name and birthdate close to where the sister probably lives. Hopefully the address is still good and he just doesn't throw my note away.

I did enjoy watching the Golden Globes or at least the part that didn't interfere with Downton Abbey. I love looking at the gowns. My favorites? Angelina Jolie's and Jane Fonda's. Ms. Fonda is in her 70s and of course she's had a lot of work but looks fabulous. They did show her back briefly and time has done a number on her back skin.

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