Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You Will Be Fit!!!!!

I understand the extra costs to health care that smokers and overweight people incur and that companies that help their employees with insurance premiums have an incentive to help rid these people of bad habits but Josh's company seems to have gone too far. In order to receive a sizeable discount, they don't just take your word that you and your family members are non-smokers, a blood test needs to be taken screening for smoking residue. Overweight people can enroll in WeightWatchers or be fitted with a  computer chipped pedometer that reads into a central database making sure there is enough movement daily. Josh is not overweight but he took one of the pedometers for fun and now sees how many steps he takes. Ms. Maya was running in circles around his house so he fitted her with it: lots of little steps but  her fascination with buttons annulled his steps for the day.
Our insurance so far is not so invasive. In return for filling out a questionnaire with our weight and cholesterol results, we get a minor discount.

Again I am waiting for the cable guy. For the sixth time! We went an entire two weeks without any outages but for the past 3 days, we have had several. Yesterday, the computer and phone were out for 3 hours.

I am an election day widow again. Steve left well before 6 am and might not return until midnight to be an election official. Burning issue here: whether the city should pay for the maintenance for the sidewalks rather than the homeowner whose property they cross. The city came through our neighborhood spray painting bad blocks at $150 a piece just a few years ago. A neighbor and I followed them looking at how arbitrary these markings were. Totally crumbled blocks ignored but minor chips marked. Number one reason for sidewalk damage? City trees but you are not allowed to kill them, just pay for the damage they do. So it would probably be fair for the city to pay for all of this but annoying as we just paid for the damage caused by Ms. Norway Maple. As the bond issue is tied to a bridge repair request (why not separate bonds?)it might not get passed.

Also there is a growing sentiment to cast out all city council members responsible for writing this absurd crosswalk law. If anyone is seen to approach, not just enter a crosswalk, cars have to stop even if the speed limit is 40 and the road is a 5 lane state trunk line. As could be predicted, numerous accidents have occurred because of this on the big road near our house as drivers did not interpret correctly what 'approaching' means and out of city drivers had no idea exactly what our bizarre laws entail. No one has died yet but pedestrians who thought that everyone is going to stop for them have been narrowly missed. Also these crosswalks are not all lit at night. Lots of rear enders. What they need to do if they insist on the law is having the flashing overhead lights so it is clear to all that they need to stop. These are expensive but the lawsuit just waiting to happen will be expensive for the city too.

I did have nice weather yesterday to take Ms. Maya to the park. I am trying to encourage speaking with no success. She is getting good at copying my hand signals however. Her first therapy session is tomorrow. We will see what 'experts' can do.
Steve with Naomi at the same age Maya is now. Maya's hair finally looks like it is beginning to grow but her mom had more hair at 3 months

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