Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tried in the court of public opinion

Yesterday the yellow rag that passes for our newspaper reported that a respected pediatrician was accused of window peeping observing a 12 year old girl in his neighborhood undress. He presumably was observed doing this 4 times. The reader was left with the impression that this man has his nose pressed to the window. If the observer indeed seen this, why weren't the parents warned of their daughter's undressing habits? Why was this observed 4 times without some sort of intervention? This man has access to undressed children all the time, why would he need to look at more bodies?
Public outcry was swift. Although there were a few voices of reason (not guilty until proven so) and support for such a caring, professional man, most wanted this man burnt at a stake. He was forced to take a leave of absence and spent a night in jail. His personal computer was seized. Some wondered about this alleged change of behavior. Early Alzheimer's perhaps? An OB years ago (my OB's partner) was accused of suddenly groping patients and acting 'improper' was found to have Alzheimer's.

Today it was reported that according to the defense lawyer, the alleged window peeping occurred from the windows of the accused house. The reporter of the peeping was one of the parents of the 'victim'. So the parent was aware that the daughter undressed in front of a window and then just looked though another window to see if anyone watched this? Who is the criminal here? How do they know what the pediatrician was looking at?

We now have snow on the ground. I fretted that Naomi would be driving in it in the middle of the night as it fell. I don't want to wake her up just to see how that went but I assume Maya will wake her up soon enough. I am waiting for the sun to melt the snow on the streets enough for me to run. I am antsy.

Maya's speech therapy was yesterday. It was decided to have some of the sessions at Naomi's to minimize distractions. Still few words from Maya's lips but she is learning sign language. She is imitating more and more. She showed off her soccer skills dribbling the ball back and forth in the apartment. The therapist thought she was better at that than some on her 5 year old's soccer team. But Maya's gross motor skills are not in question.

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Cheryl said...

A little hard to understand exactly what happens in the minds of some people Sue, even more confusing to read reports of 'so called Professionals.' Love to little Maya...


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