Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pushing back the foreskins of science

Over the years, we had various company logos and slogans that we routinely made fun of. These slogans usually were just empty fluff:


THE PATIENT IS WAITING (but the stockholder waits for nothing)

We proposed alternate slogans. My contribution is the title above.

Recent pushbacks:

Injecting a substance that blocks the gene that is responsible for blood flow to the fat cell. Without the blood flow, the fat cell dies. This worked in monkeys. Human trials will begin soon.

On the Triple Negative Breast Cancer front: a variant of the herpes virus selectively kills only TNBC cells in vitro (petri dishes) and in mouse xenografts (human cancer cells grafted onto mice).

Busy day here. Some Maya duties and later I will deal with my hair.

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