Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Stuff of nightmares: roof of Notre Dame Paris April 2002

Le Lapin Agile et la dame non agile: Monmartre

Villandry: Loire Valley: On my 49th birthday

More gardens and the town of Villandry
As said before, I hate the night. Either I am worrying about this and that, I am reading to concentrate on something else or I am having nightmares. Last night, I dreamt I was on a soccer team but the coach would not let me play though promises were thrown my way. I couldn't even see the game as it progressed as it was in some cellar that only players could enter. At half time, I said that I should be able to start, shouldn't I? the second half. Well the game was close, so no. But if it were not close, I could maybe play defense. (when I was coach, I would let the weakest player play offense). I woke up thinking how unfair this was. when I was coach, my teams usually won and then I remembered: I never have played soccer in my life and if I did, my coaching notwithstanding, I would suck. But usually in my dreams, I am travelling. And usually I am running, 60 miles at a time. and I go down the same paths which have no basis in reality. I visit places that don't exist but I still go back to the same ones. They all seem so familiar.

But morning comes, my favorite time, and I am up and happy to have my coffee prepared for me while I do my one allotted puzzle and troll the internet. My new BFF, the cable guy, was here for almost 2 hours replacing almost everything. Of the 6 visits we've had in the past 3 or 4 months, this one has been here 3 times. I don't need to show him where anything is: he knows the house now. Let's hope that 6 times the charm. My running was delayed until the afternoon. I dressed for the 40s and felt uncomfortable most of the run. Turns out that it was almost 70 degrees out.

Today is Maya's first speech therapy. At the same time, my son will hopefully be getting some answers to a medical concern.

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