Saturday, November 26, 2011


I love being able to look inside houses just sitting here at the computer. The top house is one in Ann Arbor that my grandfather had built when he moved here in 1927 to begin med school at the ripe old age of 37. According to the 1930 census, the house was worth 11,500K. A house next door of similar quality and size rented for $75/month. It is currently on the market for $535K. overpriced, but the neighborhood is considered very desirable. I never was inside the house but now I can view each room.
The bottom house, image reversed, is the house my grandfather had built just outside of town once he was a successful doctor, in 1938. He handbuilt the terraces, now gone as they were a pain to mow (he had a manual lawn mower suspended with ropes). It has been remodeled several times. I  would love to look inside it. It was huge with hidden closets. My grandfather sold it in 1968 as it was too big for just two people.

I also would like to look inside the house I grew up in in Corning, NY. It was built in 1950 for $17,500. They had to sell it for a loss in 1961 as the town was shrinking. According to Zillow, it is worth $100K now. A house nearby for sale is that of my best friend's grandmother. I had been in that house hundreds of times. I now can stroll virtually through the empty rooms nearly 50 years later. Some of it looks familiar.

It is a sunny, relatively warm Saturday afternoon. I was able to run in shorts trying to make up for the beginning of the week in which I was too sick to move.
I had been looking forward to another Shanna night. I had even made her favorite dessert. But it is not going to happen. Oliver is sick and only she can comfort him.
I am sad.

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Holly said...

sigh...that we cannot afford houses like this today!!


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