Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Name that baby!

Naming little girls is especially fun. The  little girl currently under development had a name even before she was conceived. I like the name but alas, not everyone is in total agreement here. IMHO, the mom's opinion should count way more. Unfair you say? Who is carrying the child and will be responsible for most of her care?
No one is asking me as I have been told almost daily how much I suck at naming babies particularly my first born. But as I am a meddler, I have been consulting name lists and suggesting back-ups. One of the requirements is that the little girl has a Top 100 name.  Shanna, short for Shoshanna, did not appreciate her relatively unique name. When she named Oliver, I was surprised as it was not on the Top 100 names in the US (it is now!). She said it was  one of the top 5 names in England and Australia. So we are not confining our list to that of the US. Here before me I have the top 50 girl names in England. The top 10 are very similar to that in the US. Isabella seems to popular everywhere now. Her chosen name is much more popular in England than here. Names on the English list that don't seem to be used here: Ruby, Freya, Isla, Poppy, Daisy, Imogen, and Matilda. I never even heard of the name 'Freya'. I assume it must be some character on British TV.

How the popularity of names, especially girl's names, change! From my name alone, one could guess my age within 5 years. My classes were full of Pattys, Sues. Debbies, Barbs, Nancys, Kathys, and Marys. None of these names seems to be used anymore. At Shanna's school, there were many Katies; three in my GS troop alone. Emily seemed to be the top pick for little girls Josh's age though that name still seems popular.

I think we need the services of Dr. House here to identify our mystery illness claiming first Naomi, then me, and now Steve. Symptoms: Chills, fatigue, crabbiness (especially in Naomi), stomach pain (not gut pain), very acid stomach, nausea with vomiting,headache,anorexia,  no sneezing, coughing, or runny nose. Weird symptom that developed in Naomi yesterday just as she thought she was over with it: a rash creeping up her body before her eyes, swollen fingers and numbness. The rash itched. The doctor on call did not seem alarmed and told her to take an antihistamine for the itching. The rash is now gone but not the numbness and swelling. I'll have to wait to see if I get the rash too as I am 2 days behind Naomi. I do feel better except for a mild headache and queasiness. Running is still hard but it was so nice out today, I felt that I would be wasting good weather if I just stayed inside.

I got to have my alone time with Shanna yesterday and today. Loved it. I might get another night in a few days.

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