Friday, November 11, 2011


We had our first snow yesterday. Very large flakes slowly floating to the ground where there was just a dusting this morning. Part of the past 3 days has been spent with Maya. Because of her delays, she will receive speech therapy twice a month and can go to an enrichment class weekly. Unfortunately the classes more appropriate for her were closed so we took the only one left, a class for ages birth to 5 with most of the participants between two and three. As Naomi had other things to do, I took Maya to the first class held in a kid's dreamland: lots of indoor play equipment, a train center, a kitchen center full of kid sized pretend appliances, every toy one could imagine. Every week there is an art project but Maya was a bit young for that. She zipped from activity to activity excitedly. There was a whole assortment of pretend food which Maya promptly mouthed. All mouthed toys have to be disinfected so that kept me busy. She especially enjoyed snack time. There is a circle time in which they sing songs that the kids can participate in. She can clap and raise her arms when asked to in the songs but that's about it. She enjoyed watching the others. There is only  one child younger than her though Maya is taller than some of the two year olds (she is tall and thin for her age).She did enjoy herself and the moms there seemed very friendly even to this old grandma.

So how do you make a one year old speak when they won't or can't? I sat in on her therapy session. Lots of repetition and association of certain movements with words and signals. I am not sure that this will speed up her development but we will see.

This morning when I was watching her, she amused herself transferring little candy packets from one box to a bucket one by one for 30 minutes straight back and forth. During testing, she was downgraded for refusing to put items in a bucket.

Her idea of a joke: she will offer up an object to you but soon as you look like you are going to take it, she whips the hand back and laughs.

As soon as I found another person to do my hair and finally get it colored and cut, my old hairdresser offers her services at her house. The new one who looks like just a slightly older Naomi, examined my hair and said that there was absolutely no curl left to it, only a bit of a wave in part of it. So I didn't even get to keep the one gift from cancer, curly hair, very long. I went back to the page boy I had before cancer. As for my hair, I am trying to get used to it. I do like the color. It looks exactly like my wig did.

We have had a string of minor victories here: the new baby is definitely a girl (as opposed to probably a girl) and added bonus, it has a spine, not visualized on the first ultrasound. We had received an annoying notice that we were being fined by being non-compliant with the condo association but that was taken care of and no fine needs to be paid. One of our chief sources of cash had taken a severe nose dive the month before but has almost recovered. Josh's medical problem is not as serious as first surmised (though still worrisome to me). Naomi has found a holiday job though it will be long hours and she will need a car. I was asked to edit a book, which I did hopefully to everyone's satisfaction. And tomorrow, I will give a talk on how LiveStrong helped my recovery.

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