Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Sign of the Hamburger

This shot is taken from on top of the butt. Directly to the right of the word GIRL are the three lines that signify girl though they are not as clear as seen on some ultrasounds though much clearer than Maya's

The ultrasounds were taken at 20 weeks gestation. These pictures always look scary to me. Other pictures show arms and legs so Shanna Junior is not just a head and torso.

I was finally able to run just a little this morning although my belly still feels sore. It is no longer my turn to host the family as they will spend time at Ramy's mother who lives about 5 miles from here. I will have some alone time with Shanna, which I am looking forward to.

Ms. Maya styling in her coat and boots. She isn't allowed to have that pacifer under my watch

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