Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall back

Burning bush and yew

The other burning bush

Last of the leaves on our Norway maple. Last spring, the city tree guy said it was a sugar maple but I think he is wrong. Yellow vs orange leaves plus the leaves are the last to fall.
Daylight savings time or daylight saving time? The latter is correct. For some reason, the daylight saving time was extended one week. Michigan didn't use to have it at all as we are on the Western edge of the Eastern time zone. Growing up, I listened to my tinny transmitter radio  to CKLW,  which broadcasted from Canada, south(!?) of here. They had daylight saving time and we didn't so I tried not to be confused when the time was an hour off. I spent a week biking in Indiana, which seemed to let each county decide what time zone they rather be in. Confusing sometimes. I had stayed the night before in a hotel that promised coffee at 7:00 am. At 7:15, still no coffee and I was becoming crabby and vented to the desk. I was then informed it was only 6:15 am.

Still is pretty outside here. Maybe I will see some of the kids today. Below are my purple toes and sparkly orange fingernails.


Holly said...

you have pretty feet! i HATE mine...

Kathy&Chris said...

Beautiful fall photos!


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