Monday, November 28, 2011

Heart of Darkness

Again our neighborhood was subjected to an almost 24 hour blackout. Very annoying and inconvenient in so many ways. We had Shanna's family over for their last night in Michigan.. Fortunately we had dinner early so I didn't have to cook in the dark with no electricity. Shanna had just finished the wash but not the drying (had to take it all over to Naomi's). It was cold and dark in our house. Naomi had brought over all of Maya's outgrown things, which Shanna had to sort and pack by flashlight. We took the kids to run around in a McDonalds as it is hard to entertain preschoolers in the dark. They left before 6 this morning trying to organize all by flashlight. The hand-powered flashlight that one of the moms gave me for X-mas a few years back is certainly getting a workout this year.
Naomi started a temp job just for the holidays last night and had her last class and tests today. She needs to take a state test in a few weeks and then hopefully she is employable. She's gotten As on her tests. Usually I have Maya on Mondays but she would have turned into an icicle here. Naomi returns to work all night soon. I suspect she will be really dragging sometime in the middle of the night. Perhaps she'll develop a taste for coffee, which her company specializes in and has some available at all times.
It had rained most of the day yesterday, another big problem as we are dependent on that sump pump. Steve got the generator going to empty it out a few times. Others on the street were not so lucky. After coffee in the local coffee shop (I really needed to warm up), I ran around the neighborhood looking for answers and found a snarl of DTE trucks. A large tree had fallen on some wires (no wind yesterday) causing a pole to burn. They were having a hard time getting the pole in place. The utility man blamed our huge trees for all these outages.
I returned this evening to lights and heat. What luxury!

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