Sunday, November 13, 2011

A nun on the run

Sometimes I wish I would take my camera on my runs. My longest run since I had cancer took me within a mile of a convent of an order (Dominican) that still dresses in habits, rare these days. A nun dressed in full white dress with a black top piece, wearing long white underwear under the dress with black boots and a black coat or cape RAN by me. I saw her face just for a second. It appeared that she had gray hair. I thought, just great, an elderly nun can outrun me though she was taller than me and definitely thinner. I ran behind her for a long time on the 'scenic beauty' road. As it was Sunday morning, I think I saw only one car the entire time I was out there. She had some difficulty with the hills and would walk up them but still I couldn't catch up. She finally turned around and faced me smiling. Her hair wasn't gray but blonde (and she is definitely younger than I) and it looked like she was wearing a brown bonnet under the black shawl. Maybe she isn't a nun at all but Amish? Amish somehow make their way to our Farmer's Market so they must live near by.. I wouldn't think that running on a Sunday morning would be something they would approve of. When I got back, I looked up the Dominican habit, looked just like what I saw. And the Amish, they favor black or brown, never white. But such a strange sight!

Doing my exercise routine after such a long break made me very sore this morning. Fortunately after a few minutes of running, the endorphins kick in and I don't feel it.

We had lunch with Josh at our favorite sushi place, always nice.

A lazy day otherwise.

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