Saturday, November 12, 2011


Today at the Y they were having a spinathon to raise money for the LiveStrong classes.  These classes are for cancer survivors to help regain their strength after cancer treatment with the help of exercise counselors who work with the survivor individually and in groups. Also you work out with people who have gone through similar treatment as yourself so there is a sense of camaraderie.  I started my class along with my neighbor who had the same diagnosis as I and had gone through the same chemo, while I was doing radiation. Aside from the fatigue probably due to my low red blood cell count, I had lost muscle mass, endurance and what I didn't realize, my sense of balance.  Although I was the strongest survivor (in the amount of weight I could lift), I could not balance on one foot for more than a few seconds. Alumni were asked to come to share their stories to motivate the spinners. I told them I would be happy to come there at 9 am but somehow this was changed to before 8. Too early for me and besides, my car was covered with a thick coat of frost.
But I am glad I went even though it is a tad condescending to a cheer a person for just surviving. The spinners were quite earnest and good for them! Last year they raised enough money to have the program for a year. One of my fellow speakers looked very familiar. Turns out she had been in a support group in the beginning with me and said how helpful I had been to her as I was able to tell her things that her doctors chose not to share with her. She had a much more dire prognosis than I but I see she has survived. There was a wall with names that the people were spinning for. I saw the name of a woman who was on a running relay team with me; my last race. I had no idea she had had cancer. While I was doing chemo, Naomi's basketball team had a fundraiser for this program at the Y. My friends came out to see Naomi play in the fundraising game though I think I had to buy all their tickets, but no matter, they came out.

And now I have a bright yellow T-shirt and mug along with a water bottle and gym bag. Cancer Bling!

It is a pretty fall day. Normally I would be out there running but I spent some time lifting weights instead.

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