Wednesday, August 31, 2011

15 minutes or less..

Someone is crabby here because part of a tire touches their lawn. Crabbiness all around (from passive/
I had my thyroid gland destroyed by radiation 17 years ago because my Graves' Disease could not be controlled. The process was easy. I swallowed less than a teaspoon of salty solution containing 131Iodine which is radioactive emitting beta rays. Fortunately they don't travel far but they destroy everything in their path. I am now dependent on taking Synthroid and ran out yesterday.

All over the pharmacy are signs saying that your script will be filled in 15 minutes or they give you $5. There were no other customers. Presumably my primary had phoned in a script a few months ago but then I never got confirmation. Fortunately they found it in the system and said just wait 15 minutes. I picked a few other items while I waited which they overcharged me for and were mad that I made them start over. Even though I was the only customer, the script took 20 minutes to process. I asked about their promise to fill it in 15 minutes.

Well we didn't write down when we started.
Well I did.
They gave me the $5 but were crabby.

I always wear a running watch. My watch strap broke in the middle of the night so now I am wearing Steve's which is only a bit more ugly.

I've been crabby myself. I have to find myself out of this.

Later that day I misplaced the drug. Did I leave it at Naomi's? Did it fall out of the bag? How will I get new drugs? I hate being dependent on it. I must have put it in my purse for safe keeping but I had not made a mental note.

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