Friday, August 5, 2011

De-waxing votives

Left over from Shanna's wedding are 72 votive candles that I painted with a thin sheen of silver glitter that could be recycled for Naomi's wedding. They contain old wax. How to remove? I used heat but that messed up the paint. A friend suggested freezing them and with some minor digging, the wax popped out.

Naomi, her future MIL, and I went to taste our menu today. One of the dishes is grilled asparagus salad with hearts of palm. As it turned out, none of us are asparagus fans but we all gamely ate this. Wasn't bad. The theme  of the meal is a gourmet summer picnic. For the very many kids, we will have a kids only buffet as most of the dishes will not be appreciated by them on the adult table. It was fun. Still working out all the logistics. Also in planning is a signature drink. I suggested a Nae Tae, based roughly on a Mai Tai. Or maybe a Maya Tai. A Dontayni? I am obviously in need of suggestions. Most of the drinks need to be virgin given the tender age of the bride and her friends.We had Kestinis at Josh's wedding.

Tomorrow the wedding shower and later, my high school reunion. It doesn't seem that my favorite people will be there and I will hardly know anyone but, what the hell.

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Holly said...

i've always had good luck getting the wax off candle holders by soaking them in very hot water...


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