Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wedding countdown

Pretty glads from the Farmer's market the other day

Finally some pink cleomes have emerged though I must have 20-25 white ones

How we have been spending our time. These look more impressive  in person. The purple card stock background is all sparkly as is the silver ribbon. We put stick on bling to each name card

 A sea of tuile: Favors

Favor close-up
The last two days have been spent getting supplies and putting things together. We must have put 8 hours apiece with the name tags alone. Still left to be done: programs. I think all is set with the caterer with the delivery times but still I worry that something will go wrong.

Shanna's family drove overnight last night from Boston. The boys watch movies to keep them amused. They came over briefly this afternoon while Josh, Julia, Maya and Naomi  were here. Maya kept wanting to grab Oliver. She loves little kids. I love it when everyone is here.

This is the worst year for mosquitoes yet..I can't go outside even in broad daylight without getting bit. At least they leave me alone while I run but it is hard to garden.

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