Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Member of the Wedding

It happened that green and crazy summer when Frankie was twelve years old. This was the summer when for a long time she had not been a member. She belonged to no club and was a member of nothing in the world.

This story by Carson McCullers struck a chord with teenage Sue. A lonely person trying to connect. Her older brother is getting married and Frankie imagines herself to be part of the couple. She lets herself believe that they will take her her on their honeymoon and she will be forever part of the group. She confides this to the maid who sees Frankie heading towards a big disappointment. In the film version, the maid played by Ethel Waters sings The Eye of the Sparrow. But is His eye on this sparrow?

In the forecast for this week no rain was forecasted but now there is a thunderstorm. Get it out of your system now, weather. We pick up flowers in a few hours. I had gotten flowers for Shanna at the very last minute though I had ordered them well in advance. I didn't know that flowers had to be rehydrated after shipping giving us flaccid callas.

I actually slept through the night except for bad dreams. Shanna and the boys are here. Oliver is already up and about.

Daniel is Two today. The little baby struggling to breathe has morphed into a strong, healthy boy just like that.

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Cheryl said...

So much happening for you Sue and you still manage to keep us 'in the loop.'
Such an exciting time...


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