Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maya Tai

For the wedding, we will have 2 signature drinks: one non-alcoholic given that many of Naomi's friends including Naomi herself are too young to drink and one containing alcohol.

For the former, we've come up with the Maya Tai loosely based on Mai Tais containing pineapple juice, coconut milk, OJ and grenadine. Rum could be tossed in for the booze hounds.

For the latter, Nae-Tae-nis. What is in this? Well we don't know at the moment. I was thinking of some sort of chocolate martinis with some vanilla thrown in (black and white..get it?) or maybe a chocolate raspberry concoction . I need to start experimenting fast.

At Josh's wedding, we had this peachy drink which I believe was a renamed Sex on the Beach. It was called, the first syllable of our last name followed by tini. (Hey, that drink looks just like our last name Naomi remarked upon seeing it on the menu).

Shanna, the boys and I spent some time at the park yesterday. Oliver at 3.5 years, is much more verbal now. He does not appreciate my questions and tells me that he will tell me later. He will refer to Maya  as 'he' or 'him'. I thought Maya's sparse hair was confusing him but he uses the wrong pronouns for others too. When learning a new language, one is amazed at how differently words are used. The personal possessive pronoun is determined by the gender of the object in Romance languages, not the gender of the possessor. C'est son clef when it is her key. And the genders of the objects are not consistant between the languages. Key is masculine in French but feminine in Italian. But it is fun seeing how he makes sense of the world. Daniel has grown a lot more hair. He has this beautiful light brown, thick curls. He also is becoming quite verbal but mainly speaks in 2 word phrases.

After Shanna dropped the boys off, she spent the night with us without a baby in her bed for the first time in ages. Daniel likes to sleep with her and was not amused to find her missing last night. Shanna slept for a long time making up maybe for driving all night a few days ago. Just the two of us went out to breakfast at the place I had my breakfast the day I went into labor with her so long ago.

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