Monday, August 22, 2011

Wedding Tsouris

Right after she got her make-up done. She looks a tad plastic here. I have been slowly posting pix from friends and family. See previous post
Well it wouldn't be me if I didn't kvetch a little.

Airlines: A curse on you all. This seems to be coming more common. Deregulation perhaps? A friend was travelling to the West Coast recently and was told to deplane about 25% short of her goal. When would she be able to continue? Details were slow to emerge but her son ended up picking her up extremely early in the morning. The weather was good that day at every airport. One of our guests had his flight cancelled minutes before he was to board. His luggage flew ahead of him somehow. He was rerouted through another city whose airport had shut down as he flew towards it and missed the connection. Then the next morning, he was told there was no record of him in their system so, no, he couldn't fly here but he could fly to DC. (?)He called us at 5:30 am to tell us that (and I had finally dozed off..sigh). I got up and rearranged the seating. As soon as I had finished, he called to say that they would let him fly here after all. Just at the time I needed Steve to help move heavy furniture. Redo the chart..again.

Late for the wedding guests: At four o'clock sharp, the wedding was to begin. What was the bride doing at that time? Fielding several phone calls with guests having no idea where the wedding was? And they called the wrong person in so many ways. First, she's the Bride. She needs to be walking down the aisle. Second, Naomi is the world's  giving directions (well you take the road through the trees and you go through 2 maybe 3 lights...) Some of the guests thought the wedding was like a BBQ that you could just amble into fashionably late. Directions were on the website. They should have figured out the plan way before the wedding but...

No shows: Well I guess this always happens but if they really had no intention of coming, I wish they would just say that. It worked out to be a table's worth not to mention the exact expense.

DWB: Late the night before, Don'tae's friends rented a car to take him to a casino in Detroit. They drove through a 'white' suburb and were stopped allegedly for having a suspicious license plate. Even though the rental agreement was in order and the driver's papers too, this racist asshole thought it would be fun to run background checks to see if there weren't some outstanding warrants, etc on all the passengers. He came up empty. The passengers quietly put up with this injustice. If they had said anything, the wedding would have been off. Unfortunately they are used to such BS. Is this what Naomi and Maya now must put up with? The place is Canton. Shanna wanted to move there if she came to Michigan but I would not recommend it.

My dress: Yep it was beautiful but with me in it, not so much.I gave up weighing myself . I did not look anything like what I had hoped. Plus I was really having a bad hair day. I was hoping to have some help with the hair and have a pre-wedding manicure but no time.

Rain: This was not supposed to happen but it started to pour right when the wedding started. So some of the outside shots didn't happen and our receiving line had to be inside. And we had a receiving line crasher. Who knows who she was but she stood beside me receiving guests.

Exercise: I missed several days of this. No time plus I wanted to reserve my energy for the wedding. But it does take away the negative energy that I too quickly accumulate. I finally tried to run between family visits yesterday but the hours of loading and unloading had really worn me out and it was hard. Right now it is very nice out but still I am spent.

The rest is such small stuff though it loomed large at the time: missing linens, miscommunications, chairs that weren't what I thought I ordered, crying babies during the ceremony, a broken refrigerator that we thought was cooling the beverages, money, money, money swiftly disappearing, a feeling of being the auslander at some of our gatherings tolerated only as I am married into this, guests eating the kids' food  with one claiming boorishly to the host (Steve) that they can't eat this shit pointing to our  (delicious, gourmet, expensive) spread, a family member thinking that 'his side' had been ignored and then took a microphone to remind everyone, loudly, about whose blood this is.

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Holly said... sounds like a hilarious sitcom. I can only imagine your anxiety and frustration as all this unfolded. I would have been feeling exactly the same way...and to gets who did not show up, or the idiots who called the bride for DID their mothers raise them? Call me uptihgt, stodgy and old-fashioned. There is something to be said foe manners and etiquette!!


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