Monday, August 15, 2011

DIY Wedding

It was time to start cracking on some of the remaining wedding work yesterday. No running, no  blogging, no reading of blogs, no newspapers..I allowed myself to do one puzzle but I tried to keep the distractions to a minimum. I didn't even garden which the rain made unnecessary plus the mosquitoes make outside very uninviting.

Most of the effort went towards making wedding programs. Every time we get a new computer, there is a new version of Power Point on it full of new tricks. I was quite adept at using the office version at work as I had to prepare my own presentations and they needed to be done well but too much of yesterday was spent learning how to deal with the version I now have. I made most of the program and then let Naomi play with fonts and add her own touches. This took some time also. We had bought beautiful pearlized card stock to print them on. Unfortunately the paper was much too heavy for our printer to deal with. Plus as it is very shiny, the dot print would smear if we ever got that far. We had printed the invitations and the name cards on vellum which also will smear if we touch the printing. If I ever do this again (never! I am out of children to have married) I will invest in a laser printer. So we were left with either abandoning the programs, finding less pretty but thinner paper to print them on or seeing what Kinko's could do. We chose the latter. Fortunately Kinkos came through big time. The man there went beyond the call of duty helping us. One fly in the ointment was that our version of Power Point was not compatible with theirs. All those fancy fonts Naomi chose were not supported unless I had the knowledge that I was supposed to save the presentation as PDF files. He started to fix the many errors himself but eventually Naomi took over repairing the damage. Somethings were done too hastily so the finished product isn't quite as nice as we had hoped. And our paper jammed their super deluxe industrial grade printer but fortunately only 4 programs were lost but it certainly was much faster on their machine and I  am sure the printing would have exhausted our ink.

As soon as Steve looked at it, his eyes zeroed in on a word deletion. Why can't I edit things more carefully? I was annoyed at him as it is like pulling teeth to have him help out in any aspect. Do we have to do this now? Or here? This was in reference to the kitchen table Friday and Saturday being covered with the assembly line for the place cards and favors. He does watch Maya while we are otherwise engaged. Also the music selections for the DJ were due yesterday and he typed up his selections. I am sure Don'tae's family will appreciate them. (NOT!)

I did clear all the stuff out in time for Naomi's bachelorette party. I still had the crown of penises (penii?)left over from Shanna's but Shanna chose to buy new embarrassing stuff. Their small party met here for appetizers but then went downtown for dinner and parading about. Lots of hoots and hollers for Naomi's outfit. They ended up in a bar where Josh and his buddies were.  Eventually they came back to our living room. In my slumber, I heard giggling until about midnight.

It is finally somewhat cool in the morning, good for running. Josh is training some of the Brazilian engineers now. The temperature dipped into the seventies last week which the Brazilians found intolerably cold. They should come here in the winter. Where they are, the seasons never change. Josh will go down there in a few weeks to complete their training. He is trying to shorten his stay there. Of course if I were him, I would try to stay as long as possible.

Shanna and the boys come this afternoon. Then  in the evening I will have Shanna to myself. I can't wait.

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