Saturday, August 27, 2011


This from Josh's friend's blog. The salt flats of Bolivia. Miles and miles of salt. I think these are road markers
After a week of fretting (or years of fretting depending on how I am counting), we seem to have a plan in place towards Naomi achieving independence. Still an uphill battle..but we all feel better about things.

I am tired. I was trying to make up for lost time by running extra far for most of the week but by yesterday,  I was beat and decided just to chill all day. I met with a friend for a long lunch out on a patio next to train tracks. When the Amtrak comes through just feet away, we get to experience our own earthquake. I missed the one the other day though others in Ann Arbor felt it. Since our venue was so small and Naomi insisted on inviting certain people who in the end didn't even show, I was unable to invite everyone I wanted to. But it was fun catching up. I reviewed the menu with him. He is African American..Chicken roulades stuffed with sun dried tomatoes? No wonder adults tried to take the kids' macaroni and cheese.

We had custom ordered M and Ms with Naomi and Don'tae's picture on it. Someone asked Naomi how the picture got on..she told them that I hand painted them with a tiny brush....

Bugs have been destroying my summer (and others too). Never have there been so many. Last night wiping myself off with wipes impregnated with Off!, we were finally able to enjoy our patio bite free.

Hurricane Irene slowly goes up the coast. If Steve's mom still lived on the barrier island The Rockaways, she would have been evacuated for sure. Steve's remaining family though is not in the evacuation zone but can expect lots of flooding. It appears that it will go inland by the time it inches up to Boston where Shanna and her family live right on the coast. I don't think she'll need to be evacuated but power outages and flooding...yes.

We had a pleasant lunch with Josh and Julia who are taking much of our leftover liquor for their own party tonight.

Maya sort of said a word today. La-la-la. If you ask her to sing, she goes La-la-la. But she is expanding her hand signals..hands are  in constant motion.

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Cheryl said...

Personalised M and M's. How cool is that Sue.
Trust all are safe and well with the hurricane on the way.
Thinking of you and wondering there is not some invention that will allow you to stay 'bug free' while outdoors.


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