Monday, August 8, 2011

Mama bears

Mama bears will defend their cubs at all costs. Even if Mama bear has been complaining about their cub for the past hour, the moment you agree with her, the bear comes out full claw.

In one of our many lab debates, a co-worker once stated that while most people believe their kid is cuter than average, most kids are average looking (whatever that may mean). I said something that though that may be true, in Josh's case, he is way cuter than average. No he isn't.
Fighting words.
I said that Josh had recently won a straw vote at school: Who's the cutest 8th grade boy, so there, it's not just the love blind mama weighing in.

Usually I just kept quiet about my kids at work. Again, most of my co-workers were men.

And for 2 of my readers, all of my kids are amazingly good looking.  Fortunately for them, they do not resemble me. And my grandkids do not resemble my kids but are cute any way.

I once had a friend who thought that since she had known me for so long, she had a license to criticize my kids..on and on. As she had no children, she had little understanding of the mama bear syndrome. What was further irritating, she freely blamed every one's shortcomings on their parents. All her unhappiness she blamed on her parents even though she had little contact with them since she was 16. She  took no responsibility for her life. The bear in me had to be quieted with the realization, Forgive her, she does not have a clue.

This is the calm before the storm. Today Naomi meets with the wedding supervisor to see how we can make the tables work in our venue.

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Cheryl said...

Sue, cannot help but smile. My sister and I often had things to say about our late Mother, however, dare anyone agree with us we became like Mama Bears.'


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