Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good night Irene

Naomi and Don'tae on the Coney Island Boardwalk a couple of weeks before Maya came out.
Above is the first food stand one comes to southwest of the aquarium and about a half mile away from where Steve grew up. This area was evacuated yesterday. The Weather Channel has stationed some of its cameras right where Naomi is standing here. The windows are closed; the clams sign has been put away. However not much hurricane action occurred here. They put the microphones in the air so the viewers could hear the howling but even with a little wind, the air resonating around the nearby tower makes a strange sound though usually it is hard to hear above the cacophony of the trains and amusement rides which are silent today. This place is usually quite noisy. Since there was no air conditioning in the bedrooms of Steve's parents' apartment, the windows needed to be open in the summer. It took a while to be able to sleep through the rumbling of the trains, car sirens and the amusement parks.

 Much ado about nothing.

In Boston, they usually have several Nor-easters a year more impressive than this. The hurricane seems to have lost its eye and has been down graded to a tropical storm.

Here in Michigan it is still, cool and sunny. Leaves are starting to change.

path near Shanna's place. This usually is about 6 feet higher than sea level.

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